Medicine Jar Records are a collective of vinyl hoarders, musical witch doctors and record store mercenaries who have gone from port to port the world over in search of soulful, waxy gold.


We've learned the tricks of the trade and understand just what it's like to live a life completely obsessed and in search of that elusive cut, rare release or long lost, nostalgic piece of music that hits you in all the right places.

We offer a humble prescription of simple services:


A constantly evolving shelf of off-the-wall vinyl records (plus a handful of CD's, merch & memorabilia) available for purchase. It doesn't matter what corner of the globe you live in, we'll get it to you.


Our collection holds the weird and wonderful with the occasional must have bestseller.

We do not keep top 40 in our rotation, we do not regularly stock Harry Styles or Leo Sayer. Most importantly we are not interested in competing on price with JB Hifi's discount Fleetwood Mac: Rumours LP.


Our in house "Special Order" shaman will search the universe tirelessly for your

"must-have" piece of musical medicine.

Make no mistake, The Medicine Jar shaman understands instinctively how important it is to get the prescription right and is positively surgical in the quest for the correct edition, the best condition for the right price.


Music is medicine, it can heal the sick, ground the emotionally unstable and in certain conditions cure mild cases of lupus. 

We believe that if the world has any chance of survival we must share our knowledge and experiences! Keep your eye on our "Antidotes" page for sage advice, historical moments in music and tall tales from the darkest depths of your favourite discographies.

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