SC1 Stylus Cleaner Contains:


  • 20ml x Anti-Static Cleaning Fluid
  • 1 x Stylus Cleaning Brush (the brush is connected to the bottle lid).


Your stylus will pick up lint and dirt particles in everyday use.

Making sure the stylus and record groove are clean is critical so that you can enjoy the best sound quality possible and maintain the life of your LP’s.



* Stylus Cleaner

* Stylus Brush

* Vinyl Record Cleaner

* LP Record Cleaner

* Turntable Accessories

* Vinyl Record Accessories

* LP Accessories

* Analogue Accessories

* Antistatic Solution.

* Cleans The Diamond Tip.

* Produce Better Sound and Less Distortion.

Stylus Cleaner

SKU: SC1 Stylus Cleaner